Spectrum Packaging is a specialist packaging business with wide-ranging expertise in premium gift boxes – wine gift boxes, whisky, gin, all spirit, cosmetics, and beverage industry packaging.

Please contact us at info@spectrumpackaging.com.au

Premium Wine & Spirits Gift Boxes

Spectrum packaging can provide a visual concept to final product service. Wine, Whisky, and Cosmetics gift box packaging styles are available and can be produced in almost any design and print option available. Read more >

Wine & Spirts Packaging

Single Bottle gift boxes for wine bottles, spirit bottles and Olive Oils. Individual product packages for whisky, gin, vodka, and food packaging, cosmetics & personal care packaging. Premium board options and multiple print and embellishment options. Read more >

Promotional Retail Carry Packs

Presentation and display gift boxes and multiple bottle carry packs with die cut or clear plastic windows. 2, 3 & 4 bottle packs and 6 and 12 bottle shipper cartons and gift boxes are available. Read more >

Spectrum Packaging provide a diverse range of quality packaging for whisky, gin, vodka, and customise to individual requirements. If you require quality wine gift boxes, 3D packaging development or production for your products please contact us.

Tin packaging

Tin Packaging

A multitude of printing and embellishment options are available along with lid and profile configurations. Ideal for wine & spirit industry packaging and for food packaging, Coffee, Tea, Biscuits, Cakes just to name a few. Read more >

Retail paper gift bags

Shopping Bags

Bags, Bags and more Bags – including ECO Bags, Retail Bags, Paper Bags and plastic Bags for bottles etc. Customised print to suit product branding. Read more >

Corrugated board shipper cartons

Other Solutions

We have many other solutions available, from Wooden cylinders to Shipper Cartons. Have a look at our other solutions. Read more >